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jueves, 17 de octubre de 2013

monster reborn?

monster reborn? @vigilantecosta

I assume nobly have participated actively in the campaign before Michelle Bachelet President of Chile. Therefore, wounded pride when under his presidency was approved in 2008, unanimous, the coal power plant project Los Robles and its subsidiary AES Gener in the Maule region.

Tenaciously, and with a remarkable demonstration, powerful, citizen mobilization, organization and transverse express spontaneously without pause, and in many ways, what are the externalities associated with a project as complex and out of context. This accomplishment stop,  prolong , postpone its construction, save time in a conflict where we always knew, it becomes a fight fatigue is gained by understanding the unequal proportions between social economic interests involved.

Today, even month of the presidential elections in Chile. Bachelet emerges as a strong candidate. Wander in the top of the polls in a smiling and almost silent as carried away by the foam of empathy. It promises to be the echoes of a new majority and I'm afraid it's time for that coal is used as an optimal way to meet the country's electricity needs justifying that projects like this are reactivated, empower others, continuing our dirty projection matrix and maintaining the status quo of the market.

In short, I do not vote this time for the doctor, step. Simply, because I know of a program developed to explain what will happen to the approved projects have been subjected to a series of questions social, environmental policy and what are the strategic guidelines in electrical materials and energy, among many other great tracks .

It's important not to forget the constant call to defend our land and manifest courage the right to develop our own economy based on the historical foundations of our different sectors, districts, territories, regions, sustainably, in line with local regional situations not forgetting current indicators and environmental factors.

If reborn, this monster need clear representation, informed citizenship truthful and that, again, can be the voice to allow the democratic right to want to be part of their own development and, therefore, the rejection to its realization.

We are watching ...

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